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How to Happily Make it Through the Holidays with HIV

By: Josh Robbins, Plus Magazine
When you live with HIV you’re unable to check the physical symptoms that come with it at the door with your coats at the party. People living with HIV need real solutions – ones that talk about how to get out of the house and live their lives. Here are some tips I’ve learned that have made them much more managable and less anxiety ridden.

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Diarrhea Troublesome Side Effect Among HIV+; Mytesi Could Help

By: Winnie McCroy, EDGE Media Network Editor

There is clear evidence that diarrhea among HIV-positive patients is under-recognized and underreported. A new study by Patrick Clay, Pharm.D, reveals that HIV patients experience and self-medicate GI-symptoms, such as diarrhea, without their doctor’s knowledge — the study used ‘real world’ data comparing healthcare providers’ perceptions and clinical records to their patients’ perceptions of ART tolerability and self-management.

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